About Me

I’m a 34 year old  male living in London, I am a Vice President in one of the largest banks in the world. I have spent the last 18 years reading various books, engaging in countless activities, travelling the world to attend various seminars with the goal of trying to find the key to living a happy and fulfilling life, my best life.

When I was 14, I found Dale Carnegies “How to win friends and influence people”, and it really resonated with me. The one point that immediately changed my point of view and behaviour was ” Don’t be afraid to say ‘I don’t know’.” This advice helped me a lot, in school and work, it was embarrassing sometimes but definitely a lot better than not knowing something important. This taught me early on that there was a lot of good information out there in these books and I started reading more and more and I’ve spent a lot of my time reading many many books chasing wisdom.

I’ve found that most peoples advice is tailored on their own experiences, which only helps those  who happen to be in that particular situation, but for the vast majority it isn’t helpful, since every ones situation is unique. This is why people (like me) end up spending months and years reading book after book, watching YouTube videos and following countless  “Gurus” hoping to find the insights or guides that you can (hopefully!) follow step-by-step to live a fulfilled life.

After all this time, I’ve found that the only one that can truly understand what you want and how you can get there is you. Having come to that realisation, I am working on forging my best life, while helping others acquire the skills to understand what comprises your best life and how to get there.

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