Why you need ‘FUCK YOU’ money and working towards financial independence is the best thing you will ever do

 Imagine you had to sign these bloody terms and conditions before choosing to be born, it’s just insane:

  • From the ages of 5-18 you’re going to go to school every weekday, get homework, but if you’re not great at memorising what underpaid, bored and tired teachers have say to you, well fuck you, your whole life is probably fucked as you’re not getting into a good college and you will end up doing important but low as fuck paid jobs for the rest of your life. God forbid you have any special learning needs – you’re just going to have to fucking pray that you don’t.
  • You’re going to spend the next, best 50 years of the physical prime of your life working, coz if you don’t you’ll be homeless, hungry and probably sick and die. 
  • You’ll work 40-50 hours a week and get paid less than the value you generate (because that is how businesses work), all the while you’re expected to make it look like you’re privileged to have this opportunity to not starve and die out on the street.
  • If you die before you can access retirement age, well sucks to be you, should have lived long enough to take advantage of all that tax you chose to pay your whole life huh, but even if you make it to retirement age, and don’t have any debilitating diseases affecting your mind or body, you will spend the final years of your life having finally the time and money but not the ability to do the things you’ve wanted to your whole life. Skiing trip? Forget about it, Travelling around the world, maybe climbing Everest? No fucking way. You’re just there to witness your body slowly fall apart and if you’re lucky spend some time with the friends who haven’t passed away and your family when they can be bothered to visit you. 

I’d probably nope the fuck out of that agreement right there! 

Just how we know that having to do something – anything, makes it a chore – the freedom to explore and enjoy  your life can only come once you have achieve financial independence – unless of course happened to be plopped out of the right vagina into a family where everything is handed to you. 

I once had this absolute prick of a boss who was so fucking full of himself he treated everyone else below him on the corporate ladder like utter shit, blaming you for his mistakes, lying about work related issues, or just being a rude dick. More than once, the way he spoke to me I wanted to say “FUCK YOU PRICK”, punch him and leave, but I’d put up with it, tell myself I need that job and he’s not that bad, even though I’d spend my morning commute hoping the train crashed just so I wouldn’t have to go to work that day.

This was a long time ago now, but, it still makes me seethe, and I never want to be in that position again, thankfully I’m a fair way along in my goal of getting fuck you money, so hopefully I won’t have to.

Fuck you money means different things to different people, For some it means having enough money  to say “FUCK you” and walk off when your job puts you in an unacceptable situation without having to worry about starving or becoming homeless because you have a few months or a years worth of expenses saved up and you could take your time to find a job you really liked. For others, Fuck you money may mean having enough never to HAVE  to work again, ever, this also falls under the FIRE(Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement that is really popular right now for good reason. That’s not to say these people want to sit around and do nothing forever more (although there is nothing wrong with that!) it’s just that people want to work on what they want to do, for the amount of time they want to do it , on the days they want to do it on!!

Imagine for a minute, a world where everyone had a FUCK YOU fund and with it the power, at any point, to walk away from their job if you didn’t like the way your boss behaved, or if you were overworked, or you simply wanted a change? It would make the world such a better place, it would force bosses to treat everyone with respect and fairness! Imagine if you had fuck you money today, would you still want to be in the same job or would you look for a new job, or even go back to studying, learn some new skills, do charity work or just retire.

While obviously we can’t make this change happen on a global scale as great as it would be, but we can, at least make sure we and the people around us that we care the most about have the financial independence that comes with having FUCK you money, so start working towards it today. 

You can not know what you want to do with your life and what your life’s work will be until you can stop worrying about survival. There is a reason the greatest philosophers, artists and athletes tend to come from wealthy backgrounds, they’re free from the feeling of dread that accompanies each day we have, the hatred of the very thing we so desperately need to survive.

Obviously deciding to work towards FUCK YOU money and actually getting there are two different things, I’ll be creating a new post to help others like I’ve been helped and hopefully, you too will start to see some light at the end of this fucking horrifying tunnel that doesn’t involve having wasted the majority of your life generating value for a corporation and it’s shareholders.


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