Why “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is absolute bullshit that will ruin your life.

Since I was young, my dad always told me “Follow your passion” and not to worry about earning money since it’ll come if you are good at what you do.

On the surface, this makes a lot of sense right? I spent a lot of my life following that advice, I’ve been great with computers since I was a kid, I spent all my pocket money from the age of 11 onwards buying computer magazines, memorising computer “tips and tricks” and being fascinated about the latest developments in technology.

At the age of 15 I worked a summer job assembling and networking dozens of computers at a local “cyber cafe”, remember those? I spent my days helping people with issues, troubleshooting computer problems and generally enjoyed myself. 

After a couple of weeks though, I realised I began dreading my time at the cyber cafe, this wasn’t a fun activity anymore that I chose to pursue at my leisure, it was something that I HAD to do, every day, and what’s worse I didn’t get to choose when I did it! The problem with having your “passion” attached to your job is that, now, it’s no longer a choice! You have to do it! Every. single. day. for at least 8 hours a day. 

No one likes being forced to do anything, doesn’t matter what it is, the fact that you’re forced to do it takes the fun out of it. Don’t believe me? Imagine something you absolutely love doing, it could be anything, but lets pick Sex.

Getting paid to have Sex as a man would be a dream come true right? You spend your days having sex with many, different, beautiful women, and you’re thinking – hah no way am I getting sick of this.

But one day, you want to leave early, you’d like to have only 7 hours of sex today, but you can’t. You HAVE TO stay, you’re forced to stay for the whole 8 hours, even though you don’t want to be there. I promise you, that 8th hour, is going to feel absolutely fucking terrible. 

No one likes feeling powerless, and that’s exactly what is happening to us 40-50 hours a week, every week. We aren’t donating this time out of the goodness of our hearts, we need to do this activity to survive – it’s not out of choice. 

But you know people that really genuinely do enjoy their work? These people are either delusional who’ve convinced themselves this is the case as a coping mechanism and are suffering from Stockholm syndrome or they have fuck you money, meaning they actually are there out of choice, and if they wanted to, could just say “fuck you” to their boss and quit on the spot rather than do something against their will like work unpaid overtime – which I am sure everyone reading this has done at some point. Things change when you have fuck you money and that is a subject worth talking about in-depth on its own. 

What ends up happening when you make “your passion” your job is that you end up not only dreading an activity you used to once love, you lose something that used to be your escape from work which you now no longer have. The reality is that as long as we are forced to do work to survive, it doesn’t matter what kind of work it is, the sheer fact that you are forced to do it everyday without choosing your own terms makes it fucking unbearable!

So, for your own sake, face reality, recognise work for what it is, an unavoidable reality where we trade labour for means to survive – and don’t let it corrupt your enjoyment of whatever you’re passionate about. 


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  1. Kinda breaks down the romanticism we’re told growing up, but it is true in experience. Great article and enjoying the site.


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