Secret to guarantee progress towards your goal every single day.

We all have goals we’re working towards, and it’s hard working towards something especially if it’s going to be a big change.

Once we’ve decided we want to work towards something, it’s easy to visualise ourselves already there, and even if we’re making steady progress it’s easy to get demoralised when your actual progress doesn’t match what you imagined in your head.

I’m working on reading more since I haven’t had the time to read a book a day like I used to when I was a young kid – that too with a very health social life. It’s amazing how much time you have as a kid isn’t it – I can’t seem to get through even a fraction of the things I want to do these days as compared to when I was a kid – I’d just do it!

While I’ve started reading more, it’s been frustrating certain days where my progress is less than I’d hoped, its easy for us to imagine us working at peak capacity towards our goal indefinitely, but it’s a lot harder than that !

One thing that has really worked for me is the concept of “No more zero days”

What that means is simply put, you no longer have “zero days” in your life. A zero day is a day where you do nothing to progress towards your goal – no matter what the goal may be.

Imagine your goal is to become a professional weightlifter – but it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re hungover. You think you’re going to blow off just this one day and work extra hard tomorrow.

That’s ok – no one is perfect and beating yourself up when you you have non-ideal days does not help you – but what will help you is making even the bad days have something positive that puts you a step closer to your goal. So in this instance, it would be just something that helps your weight lifting even if its not your usual routine.

It can be as small as a single rep or even a pushup – whatever it is, as long as it is something it still gives you that positive reinforcement of working towards your goal that becomes stronger and stronger over time.

Personally, this has helped me get back into reading for the first time since after college and I am loving it!

Try it – like anything it has to be done consistently but just try and it and see the wonders it can do!

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